Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Its been a while

...since my last post, and the lapse is with good reason. I'm changing it up: new job, new colleagues to deal with daily, goodbye media, hello again FMCG, hello linchpin movement.

And I'm generally happy of the change thus far. Of course, naturally there are challenges on the way but I look forward to them. Life won't be easy, breezy anymore but who cares! I'll stare down any obstable to cross my path now, and overcome it because I'm strong and smarter this time around.

Hopefully, this new workload won't alter other aspects of my life so much. I was able to run for an hour and ten minutes today, my first run on the new job. Will be running again tomorrow to push my limits further, and on Sunday I conquer 15k.

Loving the state I'm in right now. This feels good, it fits me. And I'm happy.

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