Random things about the author.

Corregidor 2009
I have several nicknames. Tippie is most commonly used, and one that feels more like a first name to me than my real NSO certified first name. Babsy is what my sister calls me, because I'm her baboy (pig, in Filipino). Chippy, courtesy of my cousin, Achi Zarah (aka Zorbah the barbarian). Tapya is from my friends. Dadoo is from my nanny. Catch my attention with any of these.

I've worn eyeglasses since the 5th grade. Funny how my parents found out their failing daughter needed a pair of her own: I was playing around with my sisters specs and discovered that the world wasn't as fuzzy as I originally thought. And those white things teachers clawed on the blackboard were actually words related to class. Eureka! Apparently bad eyes came with the blood. And it didn't help that I loved to read the tough big books. They got more airtime with me than my school books ever did, so despite the glasses the grades were still down. *sheesh*

I do not remember our house ever being dogless. There was a time, however (my dad claims) that we had 13 dogs in the house all at once! All because of bratty me not wanting to have any of the puppies birthed given away. That's my long way of saying I love dogs. More than people sometimes. Most of the time. All of the time. Depending on the dog. And the person.

I've been obsessed with food since birth. Or at least since our TV got hooked on The Lifestyle Network. I love watching other people cook! BUT, my real clincher is... (I'm such as girl) DESSERT! I looooooove desserts. I can not eat real food and just feed on cakes, brulees and tartlettees (I had to make it rhyme) for the rest of my life! Christmas, for me, is the best time of the year, because our house drowns in everything sweet. Fruit salad, fruit cake, fruit, cake, brownies, yema, chocolates, cookies, krinkle cookies, butterscotch goodies, gahhhh! I like chips and dip, too. But depends on the dip.

I take nothing seriously. Except maybe my job. Sometimes. Today is obviously not a take-job-seriously day, since I'm not working and just writing this whole page on ME. But seriously, I'm not a serious gal. I'm actually very shallow. It takes nothing to make me laugh. You can trip over your own legs and I'd be hysterical. I can trip over my own legs and I'd be hysterical!

I'm a utilitarian. I go by the if-I-don't-need-it,-I-throw-it-away book, which with the exception of a few darn-why-didn't-I-keep-those moments, has never really let me down. Things I do keep however include: books, bikinis, beach stuff, and shoes. And anything pink. Want to make me really happy? Give me anything in pink. I'll be over the moooooooon!

I am absolutely unpredictable. Sometimes, I can't even predict myself. (What are you saying, woman!?!) By unpredictable, I mean, I tend to go the other way when everyone else heads off in one direction. Wait... I don't think that's unpredictable. I think that's just zigging while everyone zags. I like being different, I guess. Oh. And I have absolutely no qualms about admitting how dumb I really am. :)

I am a fantasy geek. Do you believe it? My authors include Anne Rice (Duh... since Grade 5, man!), Dean Koontz (1st book ever was Watchers. Suddenly the big girl was sleeping with the nightlight on.), Tolkien (  :-\  ) (You cannot claim to be a fan of fantasy if you haven't read LOTR. Read. Not watched. Extended versions still don't count.), Rowling (Of course Harry Potter counts. No matter how mainstream.), Brandon Sanderson (May Harmony watch over us and Ruin be kept at bay.), Jonathan Stroud (Bartimaeus rocks!), C.S. Lewis (Aslan, when will I get to visit Narnia?) (You ask for too much, child.), Naomi Novic (French-English war fought with DRAGONS. How cooooool is that?!?!?) and recently Collins (yeah, yeah, Hunger Games hype. Whoopie. I don't care. Book 1 was amazing. Book 2 and 3... completed the story...), and Robert Jordan (Yes, Wheel of Time, here I go. Maybe this 5-day holiday will finally see me through New Spring and Eye Of The World). I rarely venture out to the other genres, but I recently finished a bio on book thief John Gilkey (who turned out to be half Pinoy!) entitled "The Man Who Loved Books Too Much" by Allison Hoover Bartlett. Maybe someday I'll have the stomach to pick-up Eat Pray Love and Time Traveler's Wife, but for now, I'll stick to what I know best. My dream is for Sanderson to write a second book for Elantris. I think I just want to read more of Sarene and Raoden's love story.

*This page is a work in progress.  Much like its author.*

**Updated 4/5/2012**