Friday, January 7, 2011

Proud to be Google Earth

Sometimes, even I'm surprised with my sharp sense of direction.

Like today.

I was brought to this really cool, treasure nook of textiles and stuffs somewhere at the back of Kamuning Road by our liasons personnel. Had to buy ribbons and other craptastic things to wrap a gift pack our company is giving to a celebrity endorser and my initial move was to go to the nearest NBS. Liasons officer said, "Na-ah!" Said he knew of a better place, with more choices on cheaper prices. Little Chinese me was all for it!

He drives down Morato and turns into Kamuning, and immediately turns right into the first street, the one with the MDC. The street was alive with shops and loiterers. Kids were mulling by the sidewalk, delivery trucks were unloading cargo by doors; if I had to define "busy street," that would be it.

He drives to the end and enters this palengke-like compound, but instead of raw meats and veggies, merchandise were mostly textile and decor. It was a handicrafter's goldmine! We quickly found a stall that had practically everything I needed, bought my stuff and headed back to the office. I would've stayed longer if I could but work of course had to be done for the day.

It wasn't until a few hours after working on my wrapping project did I realize that I needed more ribbon, and unfortunately liasons officer had left already for other errands. No one else could come with me so I had to suck it up and go back on my own. I was nervous. I'd only be commuting my ass there and I wasn't sure if my brain memorized the way.

Took a jeepney to Kamuning, got off and walked down busy street til the compound and voila! Here and back again, with everything I need to complete wrapping project, in more or less thirty minutes. Kinda want to give myself a pat on the back for being the batang-gala that I am, for not getting lost and for knowing exactly how to get back to a place I've only been in once before. Other people would've given up and passed on the task to another day when liasons officer would be available, but what's the point in that? No adventure, no risk... no reward.

This is my reward, pumped up pride for being Little Miss Google Earth.

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