Sunday, November 11, 2012

Online Shopper


I'm Tippie, and I'm an online shopaholic.

Gah! Yes. I admit it! I'm into internet shopping. Surprise, surprise!

I have thus far bought:

1) my wedding gift of a friend
2) my baby shower/hello baby gift for a "new-mom" cousin
3) a food processor for miself
4) 5 Christmas lights
5) 2 ceramic frying pans
6) and 2 non-stick cookie sheets

To-date, only the wedding gift has been retrieved (and already given away). *tear*

Items 2 & 3 are arriving on the 29th, while 4, 5 and 6 get here on Friday.

I think I should stop with 6.

Please disconnect me from the world wide web of happiness...

But seriously, have you tried to shop online? It's actually very... soothing. Okay, fine, that's justification talking but really, there are tons of great deals online.

Take the soon-to-be-mine-but-already-paid-for food processor I got from I paid 1,500 bucks for it, when normally food processors cost 3k and up. How reliable is the brand? What brand? I don't know! It's not like I'm going to use it on a near daily basis for foodstuff. It'll be worked weekly, max, for the baking thing. It'll be fine! (Justification talking again.)

Then those ceramic frying pans I got for 730 and 480 (large and small, obv). Its home shopping advertisement prices them at 4,000 bucks! Granted they're sold as a set but who needs a set of 3 pans? I got two for less than the food processor. From where? And I only pay when the items are delivered. Not bad at all.

So yeah, there are risks in shopping online, but there are great deals and excellent buys, too. Not trying to turn anyone else into an online shopper like me but hey, shopping's just so much better with company, right?


  1. As a matter of fact, I have! I bought something from recently. Browsing online stores has become a bit of a habit lately. I'm thinking of buying Christmas gifts online. Just the thought of not having to step inside a mall to shop is putting me in a state of shopping zen. :)

  2. Agree!!! Zen is the word for it, and yeah, browsing online is now part of the daily ritual, alongside peeing when I get in the ofc. (TMI)

    Your Xmas gifts will be coming from either my kitchen or from Centris Sunday Market though. :)


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