Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Glamrock for the soul

My iPod's been with me for... Oh, I don't know, 6 years give or take. Its a 3rd gen 30g iPod video, which to my honest, albeit little, opinion, is the best iPod in the world.

It holds God-knows-(and likely iTunes) how many songs, everything from the Beach Boys to Vanessa Hudgens (yes, I have a couple of her sue me). Its got a few movies, too but that's for a different post.

Going back to the songs, by far my most played list is my Glamrock Rules album. Its a made-up album of mine where I compiled my favorite late 80s songs from the big haired, wild make-up days of rock and roll. I have songs from REO Speedwagon, Heart, Roxette, Def Lepard, Harem Scarem, Mr. Big, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith....the works, I tell you!

Something about these songs just ease my restlessness and calm my nerves. The bad day's stress somehow melts away as I listen to Bad English sing the lines "when I see you smile, I can face the world. You know I can do anything..." *sigh* Can't you feel the love?

I think Glamrock calms my soul because its the music I associate most with childhood. I don't know who taught me to listen to these songs...likely the radio, particularly 96.3 WRock because that's the staple FM station in our cars back in the day... I just know its not my mom and dad...their taste is, naturally, older and more eclectic.

What I love about technology though, is how its enabled me to build my own playlist with these songs I find most comfort in, for me to just turn on and play whenever I need the reboot. My iPod may by old but it still does what its meant to do.

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