Thursday, October 6, 2011

In memoriam: The Man In Black

I'm not related to him. I never worked for him. I'm just a fan. A fan in mourning.

I know very little about Steve Jobs. I just know him as the college drop out who challenged the world to think differently, opened minds to take risks, built the Apple empire and came out with the most beautiful, sleek, I-don't-care-what-you-think brand in the whole universe: Mac.

Veering away from PC's functionality (though there's absolutely nothing wrong with functionality), MAC brought beauty to the world of technology. It was the first brand to proudly say, "Look at me, I'm pretty and pretty smart all at the same time." and it was brilliant.

MAC brought back the power of the niche. While everyone else was going for the masses, Mac took on the market no one dared mess with: the innovators with the buying power. They're the damned hardest crowd to please and they all fell in love with the brand, and with the man who brought the brand to life.

My real marketing career started with the Mac. Back in '05, I was this silly little girl with a dream to be an influencer, and the brand makers of Beach Hut took me under their wing. They had an amazing passion the brand they'd created and it stemmed from the inspiration of Steve Jobs. Dennis was already a Mac user, he had purchased the giant 3rd gen iMac for us office minions to use and get creative with. Myles taught me the wily tricks of the trade on that iMac; how to force-quit, how to tab thru applications, how to scroll with the amazing mighty mouse, how to appreciate the wondrous simplicity of technology as the Mac does everything else for you behind its pretty white frame. Kelvin introduced me to the wonders of other Apple products, namely the iPod. It plays music without CD or cassette?!? AMAZING!

They were my Mac godfathers: Kelvin, Myles and Dennis. And I'm superbly lucky to have been mentored by three of best apple users in the country, because they didn't just teach me how to use the mac; they taught me its roots, what it stands for, how something so simple can be so beautiful all at the same time, and about the man behind the genius of it all.

They were the first three people I SMS'd when I heard the news.

Rest well, Sir. You've done an excellent job and you deserve your peace. Thank you for everything.

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