Monday, January 16, 2012

Free Falling

... (although was never in my bucket list)... Check!

I was in Subic 2 weekends ago with a few old friends (and some new ones, too!) and our main agenda for the trip was to try out a few activities of Tree Top Adventure. Its this semi-newish facility within SBMA grounds that feature Canopy Rides, Ziplines and Trail Treks in the forest.

(So where's the free falling there?)

***Insert video of me falling here***
***Video to follow soon as I get the file***

It's called the Tree Drop. Adventure facilitators literally drop participants down from a height of 60-feet or so.  Those dumb enough to allow a dude on the ground with a lone rope to dictate the next phase of their life enjoy less than half a second's worth of fall, five minutes or so of pure endorphins, and possibly a paradigm shift.

Half a second of fall. Literally. That's all it was. Maybe even shorter.

I don't remember much but I do know that I was being uberly confident at first, not allowing my fear of heights to take over because we had an impressionable eleven year old with us and I wanted to make sure I had my brave face on for her. Pseudo-confidence (a.k.a. idiocy) brought on the idea that I volunteer to be the first drop. A quick prep and a harness attachment later, and suddenly I was slowly being ushered out on to the ledge of the platform we were on. The facilitator / comedian asked me to let my feet fall off the edge and I retorted with a loud "Huh?!" So he goes into this tirade of "You asked for this, you paid for it, now go enjoy the experience," while slowly but surely leading me into suspension. I would not, however let go of his hand! When he finally pried his fingers free of my kung-fu grip, shaking the pain off in the process, he told me to look at the camera and smile.

Then, swoosh, I was falling!

I don't remember screaming but according to my friends and the video, I was... LOUDLY!

The five minutes of endorphin rush came soon as my feet touched the ground. I could not, for the life of me stop laughing! And smiling! I was sooooo happy!

1) to still be alive!
2) to have done such a crazy, insane stint like that! Free fall?!?!?! Are you kidding me!!!!
3) to now have this little story to write about whole thing.

The Tree Drop experience brought me the unexpected joy of letting go. Inhibitions, limits, comfort zones, bah! All they do is make life suck! So long as its within a reasonable expense, so long as the responsibilities remain intact, why not go for it! What's the harm in doing something... totally, totally out of the ordinary.

To be out of the ordinary... to be extraordinary was the very reason I started insights from the movies. I had something to say, and I wanted to say it to whomever would listen. It took 60-foot free fall reminded me of that.

Was it terrifying? Yes.

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.

Tree Drop at SBMA'sTree Top Adventure comes with personalized paradigm shifts. Get yours now! :)


  1. Wow. Pretty awesome :)

    Why was this not shared at dinner last night?:p

    1. Ah... eh... hihihi.

      Little realizations such as this needs time to be written out eh.

      *hug* Will share the video in the next chismax session. :)

  2. Cool!!! :) That's so brave of you, luv. I had the same experience in Davao but I doubt if that was 60 feet. It was fun nga. A total let go. In my case though, "soft shriek" lang. Nawala boses ko right after the drop. Parang pusang tumili pero biglang na-mute lang. :))


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