Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bad one coming

There are just days when I completely rethink this field and industry. Rethink why, for all that is good and holy, do I choose to be in media marketing? In free TV media marketing?


Is it the perks? Is it the shiny, fame-y, famous things that come with the job? Is it the idea that I work in TV? Is it because I get to sell entertainment to an entertainment hungry public?


I seriously don't know anymore.

I know I'm not fooling myself when I say I can't imagine doing anything else. Managing executions, book-ending activities, doing promos and giving stuff away, looking for the big idea and making it happen on-screen, on-ground, online, in print... basically everywhere. Its what I know. And at one point, I thought it was what I know best.

Now... I'm not sure anymore. And the phrase, you don't necessarily love what you're good at, just keeps haunting me. You want the perfect plan and the prefect presentation to go with it? I'm your gal. You want me to be happy doing it... that's gonna take a bit more work.

Damn. And I thought the angry job posts were through.

Dear someone, anyone... help.

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