Monday, May 21, 2012

Books I want

(a.k.a. Books to grow mi collection with)

(a.k.a. If-you-love-me,-you-will-give-me Book List)
The latest from the goddess of supernatural writing. Off her affair with the religious, Anne Rice goes back to her roots of mystical beings. Done with the vampires and the witches, she now takes on the challenges of lycanthropy and the elusive werewolf. Not a read for everyone, obviously. But when did I ever read the books everyone else liked.

Another awesome book from one of the best business authors on the planet. Jim Collins further delineates the good from the GREAT by identifying his "10xers." Reading the except has made me a believer: "Nature only evens out the playing field. Behavior that makes the difference."

most intriguing interview of the young twenty-something novelist drove me to do my bit of research on the developing Divergent Series. The plot kind of reminds me of 9 (Nine), with each of the factions representing a uniquely human characteristic. Pitting factions against each other brings about the question, which trait is best to have, and which ones are better abandoned. I predict the ending will be, "have 'em all" but I'm intrigued by how Roth will end up with that conclusion.

I just got Part One over the weekend, and I'm hooked as always, in the fantastical world weaved by the words of the master. As always, Sanderson sets up Roshan, it's dynasties, political intricacies and religious factions. A true society build, if you ask me. (I'm such a nerd!) Kind of torn between gobbling up Part One soon as possible or not, because I don't have Part Two yet! Gah! I so want to get in the world of Shallan and Kaladin already. Fully Booked, get your act together and shit out Part Two (Gollanz) already. kthanksbye.

Those are but a few of the ones in my dreamlist. Maybe someone from far, far away will give me these books tomorrow! I need a book sponsor.

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