Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I have a temper.

It's the kind of temper that fires up with bad driving, stupid pedestrians who don't use the sidewalk, the self-absorbed, and negligent workers.

It comes in bursts, granted they're short but of late they've come too often in a day. I try to control it but to reel it in would be untrue to myself. People are afraid of me because of it nowadays. They think of me as a sort of Jekyll/Hyde monster. Sweet and understanding one moment... Angry and hotheaded the next.

I guess there must be some way I can adjust my temper a bit for some to be less fearful of me. My boss advises I learn diplomacy and poker-faced-ness. I kind of don't agree because when I find something to be wrong, I am unafraid to speak, and speak loudly about it.

I hate it when people hide behind fake laughter and forced smiles, which is unfortunately the very base of the industry I work in. Unfair though, that for being truthfully unforgiving I am marked as near evil. Just because I can't force myself to be friends with the shallowly gorgeous faces of the media industry, I am dubbed mataray. Just because I rant over the stupid mistakes of others, I am dubbed ill-tempered.

I am not two faced. I am sweet and kind and caring. But push me far: don't answer my questions, ignore my emails, don't do your job so I can do it for you... that calls for a beating 'til you're a bloody pulp. And I will.


Enough about me. Let's talk about you for a minute. :)