Friday, August 24, 2012

Big Fish

(I wonder how many of my posts begin with...)

Seth Godin's latest blog entry talks about being #1. He figures being #1 in a small market is a whole lot better than being #3 in a big market. Ouch. That might feel like a slap on the face to a certain businessman somewhere... not anywhere in particular.

It's good advice, me thinks. Small market doesn't necessarily mean smaller profit nowadays. Hollowing out a niche for yourself allows leverage to dictate price due to remarkability of your product. And as your niche catches on, it eventually becomes the norm of the masses. Small pond gets rained on with habagat-like proportions and turns into... what do you know! Big pond!

It's like the real MVP announcing his twitter account today. He chose to sell this piece of info to the market who worships: the newbies of professionalismdom obsessed social media. He's king of that pond. Of course the entire fish population of that pond have their smart phones in tow, start following him in microseconds, tweeting and retweeting that they're now a techy degree closer to their demigod. Drip-drip-drop little April shower and now there's a game on twitter called "Watch the followers grow." 2,590 followers in less than 30 minutes. All this and not a single tweet to his name.

So, lesson learned. For passionpreneur project, I shall be the big fish in my bar none pond. I have no idea how yet but I guess that's something I have to figure out in the next few weeks.

4,016 followers already, and a tweet! Wonder when he'll get the "verified" tick mark...

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