Monday, September 17, 2012

Derailed, and the slow road of getting back on track

The past 9 months of 2012 have not been the best to me.

Nix that.

For the past 9 months of 2012, I have not been the best to me. I've let myself go, be moody, not read, not write, and get lost basically in a hullabaloo of work. As much "fun" and "experience generating" going back to media is, it's come at the consequence of losing focus on loving myself.

The past few months have found me angry at anything and everything in the world: inane drivers, idiotic pedestrians, worthless traffic enforcers... yes, they're mostly found on the road home after my rage has reached its tipping point for the day. I've been known to even lash out at colleagues, granted they weren't unwarranted but uncalled for nonetheless.

A few weekends ago, though, hope shone thru with the rediscovery of a passion for baking. It started with an episode of Everyday Baking, when host/baker John Barricelli showed how damn easy it was to make lemon custard squares. I couldn't believe how simple it was that I had to try it out for myself. Amazingly, they turned out pretty great!

That started a trend of experimentation of trying different things: red velvet cheesecake, blueberry lemon cheesecake, milk choco butterscotchies, choco swirl blondies, oatmeal apricot cookies... And hopefully to many more as the weekends push on. I have a few ideas to try out but I've built up a good repertoire of goodies for a viable SME.

And a good miniature, tiny tiny SME is the next step for me. The most of 2012 may have derailed me from a certain track but maybe its because I had to eventually find this new one I'm fixing my wheels on. I still hope to get back my healthy, fit self, but right now, the burning desire to make something out of nothing is so much stronger.

So how does "Hip to be Square" sound to you?

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