Thursday, December 2, 2010

blogger. runner. sun-worshipper. loves dogs.

Our HR asked me to come up with 4 words to describe myself. These are the 4 "words" I gave, and they're now on my calling card.

And I'm amazed how I was able to sum myself up in these four simple statements. I am a blogger. I am a runner. I worship the sun. And I love dogs more than humans.

Of course those are not the only words I would use to describe my character entirely. I also see myself as a marketer, a loner, a reader, an animal enthusiast, as boardgame girl, and fat, but somehow, when asked for an one-the-spot response, those were the four key things that popped out of my mind.

It's actually an interesting, simple and precise exercise to do, to get to know yourself better and to throw yourself further out into the world. How would you describe yourself in four simple phrases?

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