Friday, December 3, 2010

You're Still Noise

One of Seth Godin's entries for the week talked about noise. And I kinda relate it to his latest post about clutter causing the decline.

Because, honestly, ours is a very cluttered and noisy world. Society is getting smaller, faster! Information about everything is just a click away. Communicating the new is as easy as a Facebook status. Everyone's talking at the f-ing same time!

Just today, I had to get away from my cubicle to escape the noise of Christmas songs from the office. Sorry, not feeling the Holidays yet. I'll get there, don't worry. But seriously, we're bombarded with stuff all day. Supermarkets need SKU control because apparently biz dev thinks the best way to earn more money is by making brand extensions. TV networks need an extra hour of broadcast per day to accommodate the commercial spots they sold to clients. Sometimes, commercial gaps are longer than the actual program supposedly being followed by the audience. Accidents still happen on jampacked highways (ehem, ehem EDSA!) because drivers are distracted by near naked young sluts on the billboards. Everything is just everywhere, that as a marketer, it's amazing to find unoccupied space in the mind of the consumer.

There was a time when online promotion was the hot banana pancake. Setting up a facebook account for a specific promo was the bomb! Whoever thought of it first, and whoever brought it to it's tipping point, got all the benefit.

Now, a facebook promo doesn't necessarily translate to bigger occupancy in your target market's mind, let alone increased spending from his or her wallet. But, what else do you do? If you're a low-budget company only willing to invest so much for a return, how else do you get something for yourself?

If noise is the only way, how do you make your noise stand out? Face it, every move we marketers do is noise. I guess it's a matter of finding who you're screaming your noise to, and making sure they've got the buying power to support you.

OR! What if the thing to do now is be silent? You won't ever know until you try, right?

My posts don't make sense anymore. I've become NOISE! :))

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