Saturday, December 11, 2010

Term Of Endearment

I have a friend who I call "Palawan Buddy" and she refers to me in the same name. We've known each other for... two years or so?... and we were introduced because of a planned trip to (yep, you guessed it) Palawan!

It was one of those "hey-super-cheap-seats-to-an-offbeat-locale" trips organized by a common friend of 10 or so people. Offbeat locale meant spending the night on a deserted island, braving cliff-faces to get to crystal clear salt water, getting inside caves, and exploring the great outdoors. The eight other people part of the trip were already seasoned mountaineers, used to roughing it and living life on the edge.

The two oddballs in the great Palawan adventure were me and Precy. So the rest of them buddied us together, with the idea that we could keep each other company during the parts of the trip we can't stomach anymore. Ergo, PALAWAN BUDDY!

But, man, did we prove them wrong. Not only were we able to take on every single adventure plotted out, but we both did all so with nary a whine! Precy and I, girly-girls of bunch, bratinela 1 and bratinela 2, experienced the beauty of Coron in all it's magnificence just as much as our rough-riding friends.

Memories of Coron, the beauty of Mother Nature, the friendships that stemmed from it, will forever be cherished, but what I love best about the trip is the fact that I gained a great friend from it who I openly have a term of endearment for. I love that from Coron, I gained a Palawan Budz. I was telling her earlier in the week: even if we've been to other places in the country already, heck even if we've traveled the world together, even when we're gray and old and withered, surrounded by grandchildren, I'll still be calling her my Palawan Buddy.

She said she'll be the same way.

The kids will ask us why, what does Palawan Buddy mean, and we'll have an entire adventure to tell them.

(Dedicated to Precy, a.k.a. Palawan Budz. *chest move here* forever)


  1. Being your Palawan Buddy is my lifetime occupation. I will never tire of holding you with both of my hands during hard battles, let’s-buy-one-huge-bag-of-flat-tops episodes, and turn-around-every-now-and-then-I-get-a-little bit-lonely chapters. I’m so glad that summer trip unraveled to me a great friend. You are the first one who ever called me “Luv” and heck I still remember the silent kilig I felt in that brisk moment. And that’s right. We will forever address each other Palawan Budz. Kahit mag Europa pa tayo o san man, Palawan will always be our place. Ayikee parang mag boypreng lang! When the time comes that we have our own little Pwecy and little Tipiyaki, it would be my delight to tell them the stories and adventures of a great woman I met in the hidden beauties of Coron. I love you, Palawan Budz! *chest move*

  2. aww yun pala ang "palawan budz" :) in precy's emoticon... one big >-----:D-----< for the palawan budz that are both my lavurrrzzz... :))


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