Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I *heart* Munoz: Marketing Excellence in the Simplest Form

Papa and I just came from Munoz this morning. I had to buy dog food for the three queens of our household and my dad decided to drop by the supermarket in Waltermart also.

After going thru the check out counter of the senior citizen lane, (Papa's 63. We had every right to be there) the cashier handed us this:
Because we were in Waltermart, and we shopped in the Waltermart Supermarket, Waltermart decided to reward us with this coupon! It's customer service at its finest: Reward purchase with the simplest form and gain loyalty in the process. Free parking comes very few and far between in our fair city and likely all over the world, and this tiny coupon with that simply plastered all over its face a refreshing and welcome sight to behold.

But wait, there's more! Munoz is also site to one of the bigger public markets of the Metro. And this gem of a "stall" was just beyond it's precipice. Papa spotted this Pineapple vendor while we were still on our way to Waltermart, and we decided to check it out on our way home due to it's extremely large and scrumptious looking fruits displayed.
This pineapple vendor's spot was along the main road, just outside the fringes of the public market. It was far away enough to separate itself from the smell of the wet market, but near enough to still capture a niche of market goers... particularly the ones with cars!

Cars=slightly richer people who likely have more cash on hand to spend for impulse buys like delicious looking pineapples. We bought 3... As we drove away, another car took our place in front of the stall. And if all goes well for today, that particular vendor will enjoy a landslide effect not just from buyers in vehicles but also from passersby.

These two instances remind me of two very basic marketing principles: Positioning and Loyalty. Position yourself not particularly in the midst of the blood and guts, but find a blue ocean that can be your niche. Then when you've captured your niche, keep reeling them in by baiting them with Loyalty.

Nail these two things down and you've got yourself repeat sales and greater profit margins, ergo better business. It's the simple things like these that make my day happier. I *heart* Munoz. Now it's time I enjoyed my pineapple. :)

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