Wednesday, June 2, 2010

watching too much media makes you schemy and paranoid all at the same time

I love my friends. They're the best group of girlfriends, mixed in with a few oddball boys, a girl could EVER have.

And to show our appreciation for each other, we're on a "SURPRISE" rampage. It all started when two of our group decided to become marathoners. One marathoner was planning to finally ask our friend to be his girlfriend at the end of the race and we all helped make his "proposal" perfect. And this was in tandem with our surprise for our other marathoner friend, one of the few women who decided that was the day she became part of the elite group.

We had to smuggle in 2 bouquets to the race proper, one for the "proposal" and another for our female marathoner. The proposal bouquet was artfully hidden in the trunk of the proposee's car, ready for our boy to pop the question. And the marathoner bouquet was dutifully held by us, faithful friends and cheerers, at the finish line ready to be handed over to her the moment she crosses.

Both surprises went off without a hitch! Tears and major laughter ensued, it was such a happy day.

Now, I think we're getting addicted to surprises. Another femme of our group is having a recital courtesy of her dance class on Saturday, and we're cooking up a flower-finish for her at the end of her dance as well. We haven't ironed out the details yet, but definitely flowers will be involved.

Another friend is leaving us for work abroad in two weeks time, and for her, we're making a video collage/montage, with greetings and well wishes from friends living overseas already.

I have this strange feeling that this wellspring of surprises comes from an overexposure to media. We all love it when the ultra happy surprise being cooked up by one lead character to another happens without a hitch. It's all such a giddy smiley feeling that you just can't help but wonder if you could do the same to the people you love.

Well, I speak from experience. It can happen people. And the planning, scheming, paranoia is all worth it in the end. :)

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