Thursday, June 17, 2010

Of men and guns...

Violence is real. It's traumatic and reasonless. It causes a deep, irrational fear and people should never, ever joke about it.

I saw a man lying facedown on the sidewalk today. He was shot, according to the news, by an unknown suspect in broad daylight and left there for all of Makati CBD to see. The police had cordoned off the crime scene but people were still loitering about, trying to get a glimpse of him and to catch any sort of information about the incident.

This man probably has a family; parents who love him dearly, wife and kids, relatives, friends... and here we are gawking and oggling at him like he's just another piece of news. HE'S NOT NEWS! He's a victim of a henious crime and he should be respected. This isn't a movie. This isn't a prank. This is murder, and it's out there for the world to see?!?

The person responsible for this is heartless. He's not only caused pain and suffering for this man's family, but unwanted trauma to regular folk like me. It's no joke to see a scene like that first thing in the morning. He's still lying there in my head, and I'm so broken about it.

All these movies and TV shows and music videos that feature guns and violence and killing... why do we feed our brains with those junk? Why do we hype up the crime that's so real and damaging? I'll never understand the need for violence. It's useless, wrong and it hurts, not just the people or person its directed upon.

I'm praying fervently for the soul of the fallen man. May he find his justice, and may his family be at peace with it.

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