Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shoe Fix

Dear Lord,
Please don't ever let me loose on Rockwell again. I spend too much...

It's finally happened, boys & girls! My season-long drought has been quenched by a much deserved spree in shoe shopping goodness. I say season-long because I don't really recall when the last time I bought mi'self a new pair of shoes... Ah, wait I do... (Ahihi!)


Yesterday, the stars aligned and I ended up with a bit of time to kill at the Powerplant. That mall, I swear, is the weak chink in my chain. Last time I was there by my lonesome, no one was around to stop me from buying the entire Temeraire series of Naomi Novic from Fully Booked. Then last night, about an hour before closing, as I meandered aimlessly through its upscale halls... okay it wasn't aimless. I was supposed to head for CBTL on the 3rd level when ... Aleluia ... like a miracle, this store beckoned and I had no choice but to oblige.
Payless Shoesource 3/L Rockwell Powerplant (aka Heaven on Earth)
I'm telling you, my first thought was... "Have I died and gone to heaven? Is this for real?"

Since the Payless Shoesource franchise opened on Philippine soil in July 2010, I've been wanting to visit and scour its vast shelves. But I'm hardly in the locations they decided to open up in so the chance never presented itself... until yesterday! Oh, happy day!

Payless Shoes aren't, by Manila working girl standards, the cheapest in town... I'd normally go to Tutuban or Greenhills or Divisoria with just a thousand bucks in my wallet and come home with 4 pairs of shoes, but of course, those would be generic-looking things that one wouldn't really take notice of when on one's feet... Shoes from Payless, however, are PRETTY!

Pretty darn hard to find too, but when you do find the golden nuggets, they are things you do NOT let slip thru your fingers. The only sad thing about Payless is their slightly small selection for the size 6-6.5 foot (my size. Cry.) when compared to numerous size 10's and 12's. They do have a wide array of designs for men, but apparently I'm so much easier to please, shoe-wise, than my dad. He walked away whole, while I stepped out nearly 3K less. But it was worth it!

So, let's move on to the latest additions to my ever growing shoe collection!
:) And they came in a reusable bag to promote eco-friendliness :)
 Yes, I bought two. TWO and proud of it!

Fioni demiclogs in brown suede.
These Fioni Bootie Clogs came in grey-blue, too. But I figured that brown would be the more practical pair to purchase.

Black Glads from Zoe And Zac
This pair caught my attention just before I was about to check-out.

Last pair in my size = It was meant to be mine.

Thing is with Payless, you have to be patient and really let the experience of going through the stores collection take you. I know I sound like an addict, and I am, but seriously, I was so happy to have finally been able to shop in its heavenly walls. The overall shopping-as-if-in-the-supermarket style really got me going!

This first trip, unfortunately for my debit card, won't be the last. *Sigh*

Payless Shoesource has 9 (and counting) stores in the country: Powerplant, Shang, Market! Market!, Marque and Ayala Mall Cebu are the branches I recall now. Visit a store near you. :)

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  1. OMG I didn't even realize that we have Payless in Manila na!!=O


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