Monday, August 15, 2011


I've been wondering what my "Hell yeah" is for a while now, since that entry by Chris G. I think I've finally figured it out.
What I do for a living is stressful. It eats up into my weekends, makes my week hours unpredictable, and hopes to destroy whatever semblance of balance I have left in my life.

But I love it. I was telling my best friends that, while others feel bad when work takes over their lives... I feel no remorse. Sure I complain when the long hours come but I still get up the next day and head off for work bright and early. And it's not like the stress-levels are overly dreadful. Actually, compared to some of my colleagues in creatives, my job is a breeze!

I can't even pinpoint exactly what about working in media that gets me so riled up. The politicking is horrid, HR needs work, I still haven't been issued a proper computer, meetings are too long and sometimes painful... and although I am still trying to perfect the ability of looking past these flaws, I have to say they're really just pebbles in the grander flow of it all.

I'm happy. And at peace with the choice to come back. It feels more like coming home than anything else and I can't wait til I hit my first year again.

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  1. It's so good to see you in your element, luv. Let's celebrate when you hit that one year mark.:)


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