Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Annual Markers

Just realized that I define my year differently now that I'm a workin' girl. Back in the day of textbooks, terms papers and getting to school on time, annual markers were quarterly exams, intrams, the fair and summer vaca.

Now... besides the standard Christmas, Semana Santa, and birthday rundown, these are the things that mark each year's passing:

UAAP Bball Season on S23
I've never been a basketball fan, nor do I think I will ever be, but the UAAP Senior Basketball Season is something I look forward to on an annual basis. For one, it tells me students are officially settled in their respective schools and the alumni have nothing better to do that plan for the next bonfire. UAAP now also marks my annual lap around my old campus. Whilst everyone struts their ass to the GS Parking Lot, I head off running (literally) to the other direction. HS and Bell field have never been more quiet. :) Ooh! Plus the fact that our family favorite local band Parokya Ni Edgar are Bonfire staples and I need my annual flirt-mode-on with Vinci.

We never, and I mean never, celebrated Halloween back when I was a kid. It was always All Saints' Day and Araw ng Patay and Sembreak. Trick or Treating was something reserved for people Stateside, like Hannukah and Thanksgiving. But recently, with its sudden popularity, even the poorest of the poor get to trick or treat nowadays! And Trick or Treating in a media company is F-U-N! Two years ago, we set up an entire casket with ghoul in our area. The ghoul was even sitting beside me in the empty cubicle. He kept me company during the cool November days. Last year, our scary set up was accompanied by creepy sound effects downloaded off the internet. We scared the kids crapless, it was hilarious!

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