Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Life of the FILO

In Accounting 101, one of the very first things we are taught is the concept of Inventory Management. "What comes in, must go out," in the barest of descriptions. I always thought that FIFO was the most reasonable way of doing business. Naturalmente, ang unang dumating sa warehouse abay sana yun lang din ang unang lumabas papuntang tindahan, so goods won't go bad, right? Right...

But there are other ways of managing inventory, lest the term LIFO and LILO would never have been created. But no idiotic accountant or inventory manager or warehouse personnel would ever in their life ever do a FILO. Having a First in, Last Out plan is crazy!

Apparently, such is not the same for the workplace. Or for me. I don't know why I do this, what moves me to get to work early and stay here until the wee hours. We had our department Christmas Party last night, people had an excuse to come in late but noooo, I had to be in by 9! And now, because of a stupid mistake that I had no control over, I'm the last person on the frikkin' floor!

FILO!!!! FILO!!!! Stupid FILO!

I think its time to rethink this whole thing.

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