Friday, December 16, 2011

Whatta Mom!

I had another extremely long day/night at work. Got home at around 3:30 AM because of this project I've been working on since October (I had to wait for off-air hours to do a test run. Don't ask. It's complicated.) and finally last night was a successful session!

I get home and fall immediately into bed, dead tired and sleepy as hell! Then after what seemed like 5 minutes of my eyes closed, the alarm rang. Haring Araw was shining happily in his 7 AM spot; a sure sign that I had to grudgingly get up and start prepping for work (again).

(If it were any other day, I would've snoozed the damn phone about 5 times before actually picking myself off the bed but my dad had an early meeting to attend to so I couldn't dillydally.)

So up I was and off to the breakfast table, where my mother sat eating her oatmeal. She looks at me calmly and says, "Alam ko na yung chicken dance. (I know how to do the chicken dance already.)" and proceeds to do a step by step of the dance for me... in the middle of breakfast.

STEP 1 - talking hands (teret teret teret tum)
STEP 2 - flapping elbows (teret teret teret tum)
STEP 3 - twisting knees (teret teret teret tum!)
Clap clap clap clap.

Of course it made me smile. Who wouldn't find a chicken-dancing mommy in the morning funny?!

Mama, I love you.

Good morning, world!

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