Saturday, April 14, 2012

Animal Cruelty

There are few things that get me emotionally... blindingly... angry.

And cruelty to animals is one of them. Blame it on parents who brought me up to love the other species of the planet. Blame it on the instability of the hormonal female. Blame it on too much Animal Planet. But I seriously do not consider human those who, in their God-given freewill, choose to be hurtful, violent, viscous and brutal to those weaker than they are.

Over the turn of the year, news broke of street children who stuffed lit firecrackers in a dog's mouth and rubberbanded it shut. What do you think happened? WHAT IN THE WORLD DO YOU THINK HAPPENED? Of course the lit firecrackers blew up in the dog's face, wracking it to pieces. The dog survived the ordeal, but its now snout-less, blind and completely debilitated.

A few months later, a bust was made on this dog-fighting gambling operation somewhere down south. As thankful as I am for the capture of the criminals and the release of the rescued Pitbulls, nearly a hundred dogs still had to be put down due to disease and other disabilities. Nearly a hundred. Lives. Snuffed out because of greed, heartlessness and this idiotic mentality that as homo sapien sapien, we can do whatever the hell we want.

This morning, while stuck in traffic, the Crosswind in front of our car had a small, tightly bound plastic bag hanging from its bumper. The bag ripped and out came the back limbs of a kitten. THE KITTEN WAS IN A PLASTIC BAG HANGING FROM THE BACK OF A VAN.  Mama and I were stunned. We were both dumbfounded by the inhumanity in front of us. Then the little legs kicked.

I swear to you the next moments flew by like nothing else. I told Mama, "Bababa ako." (I'm going down) and ran out of our car. Didn't even bother knocking on the Crosswind's window to stop it from moving. All I knew was I had to get the bag off the car and the kitten out of it. Don't even remember crossing the rest of the street to get to the shaded roadside. I was just suddenly there, cooing to the kitten as it fought for its life, cooing it's going to be okay.

I got it out of the bag. It was mewing constantly , but was able to take a few tentative steps away from me. I don't blame the mistrust.

I had to leave it on there, traffic was already moving and Mama was honking for me to get back. Only realized how badly I was shaking when I got back in the car. Then the tears came. And just kept coming.

Human are gifted with the ability to love. To care. To be compassionate. Human beings know innately what pain is, what will hurt the self and what will hurt others. Human beings know, that when you hold a firecracker, you will likely get hurt. That's the risk some choose to take. Human beings know that when confined in a small space for a long period of time, sleeping and eating among your own waste, you will get sick. That's why we keep clean. Human beings know, that when you put a plastic bag over your head, you will suffocate and die. That's why we don't.

But to subject something else that's alive... that breathes just like you... that bleeds just like you... that does not like pain as much as you don't... to be cruel... is inhuman.

The things who did that to the dog don't deserve to be called children. They're monsters.

To jail the captured dog fighting operators criminals would not be enough. They should be locked in to sleep, eat and live in their own waste for a near hundred years.

Whoever put that tiny kitten in that plastic bag while it was still alive is a demon. Don't you dare disgrace the Lord by saying THAT is in His image and likeness.

Few things... very few things... get me completely, unreasonably, uncontrollably angry. And animal cruelty is one of them. Pray I don't catch you being hurtful to so much as a mouse.

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