Tuesday, April 24, 2012

(Advanced) Happy Birthday, Insights!

I'm not good with remembering dates so I'm writing this now while it's still in my head, because if I hold off this post to May 6... I might never get to write it and miss another bloggiversary.



Woohoo! You are (unofficially) two years old! Eww. In blog-years, that's nearing mid-life crisis... like 30 or something.

Wait... I'm 30...

Hennyhoo! So, you're two and here's lookin' at you! Still hodge podge. Still a publicly available online journal of your writer (moi!). And still as crazy and inane as that very first entry, "Funny Thing About Shit, Only Good Things Grow Out Of It."

And I wouldn't change you one bit!

May we see each other thru the successes and failures of our lifetime, and cheers to more human years with ya!

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