Monday, April 16, 2012

The Me I Wanna Be (Online)

I am choosing today to be a slow work day. Since it's a slow work day, I shall be a-writing one more entry before I call it tonight (to the strangers stumbling in here... that's "before I call it a night" said in very broken-English).

So, slow work day started at about 12nn today. (I wasn't unproductive, work-wise, the entire day.) And it started with visiting my ever favorite photographer/baker/mother/sweet-tooth blogger, Sweetapolita! Sweetapolita isn't her real name. It's Polita. No. Pulling your leg. It's Rosie. ANYWAY, Rosie's my go-to gal when I need quick pick-me-uppers because the pictures of her baked (and sometimes no-bake) goodies are certified as upper, hyper-inducing drugs! They bring absolute joy to the desolate soul and her step-by-step guide on how to recreate them for your own gives hope that maybe someday, I can create something that's just as beautiful, and lovely, and sumptuous, and delectable...

ANYWAY AGAIN, Rosie's latest blog entry featured not food this time but another foodie blogger who just released her 2nd cookbook. Of course, anything referred by Rosie must be impeccable so off I go to the links provided. The Pioneer Woman is a website on making fantastic food. Like the Sweetapolita site, Ree's recipes are filled with step-by-step how-to pictures that make you wanna be a cook! Unlike Sweetapolita, she's not focused on one part of the meal menu... she tackles them all!!!

Appetizer... check.
Soup and salad... check.
Pasta... check!
Entre... check!!
And dessert... CHECK!

She even has a recipe for iced coffee concentrate!

What I love (yes, LOVE) about her site is how she's done her index of recipes. While others would be listing their recipes down alphabetically or categorically... she used pictures. Like what you see? Click and find out how to make it! Easy as pie! (Where the heck did that saying come from? Whoever made that up apparently never made pie before.)

But what I love best is how easy I can read her personality in the way she writes her entries. It's as if she's talking to a dear old friend on the phone and telling her, without capping the insanity, about these new amazing food things she's tried recently. I find her so casual yet so smart at the same time.

And it got me thinking... This is how I exactly want to be online. I want my entries to be short (WOW. Talaga lang ah!) and sweet and smart (Dear Lord, am I asking for too much?) and funny and witty... I want my entries to be a complete reflection of... me. That when I die and my friends miss me terribly, all they need to do is backtrack my blog entries and laugh out loud as they read through my strangeness.

Then again, reviewing this particular entry now... I think I already do read like me in real life. This already is the me I want to be online. Hmmm...

I guess I better get to work on that Visual Index.

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