Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm currently obsessed with

1. Imogen Heap.
She has the most amazing voice, and her lyrics are out of this world! I recommend Headlock, Loose Ends, Tidal and Hear Me Out (Frou Frou). If she ever comes to perform here, I'M WATCHING! I don't care how much it'll cost. Arm and leg? Take them all!

2. Criminal Minds.
All the analyzing and thinking two steps ahead of the unsub just makes me feel so dang smart! Kudos, Jeff Davis, for creating a brilliant series.

3. Seth Godin's blog.
He's always been my choice marketing guru, and his brain farts online hold such deep insights in the corporate world, and the human persona in general. Love his "Arrogant" entry. It assures me I do nothing wrong when I do take my own stand, even if the whole world mocks me.

4. Planning my next beach trip.
Despite being ├╝ber tight in terms of cashflow, I swear I've been away from salt water too long. I need to hydrate myself in the open water. I've always been good at budgeting for quick beach getaways. If my friends back out on me for this next trip, I'm going by myself.

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