Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I really have no idea why I readily put myself in situations that I'll be absolutely grossed out, disgusted, near-barfing with the movies I watch. Readily, because hello, of course the dude whose arm is stuck via boulder in a crack in the canyons of Utah will surely cut it off to survive.

It's like the time I watched Inglorious Basterds, uncut, alone. Egads. Pluck my eyes out, please. Aldo the Apache and his merry men's bloody antics are forever etched in my brain. Gah! But I still loved Inglorious Basterds because it had a fascinating, intricate story to tell. Hopping from one cut to another. Classic Tarantino.

However, 127 Hours is different. It had one overly oh-dear-God,-take-me-now scene, and the rest was left open to introspection. The plot was of predictable. How else can a man survive a predicament such as Aron Ralston's without losing a limb? From the trailer alone, you could count on that.

I think it was how James Franco portrayed Ralston's will to live, refusal to accept that that was it, that was the end of life as he knew it, and fought on, that I found to be inspirational. It's unbelievably unfortunate that such a thing ever happened to someone for real, but it did and he's ALIVE here and now to tell his story. Director Danny Boyle's crazy way of viewing life (Wins, you called it split screen madness, and I agree it was gorgeous) added only more beauty to the appreciation of living.

I've said it on FB and I'll say it again, 127 Hours is painful to watch alone, yet I did and I have no regrets. Highly recommended. Close your eyes for the arm cutting part, though. I was jumping around everywhere to get my jitters off from it, and it didn't work. Buti na lang talaga nabuhay sya.

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  1. HOMG!!! Gives me the heebiejeebies just thinking about it!


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