Thursday, February 3, 2011

Birthday Me, Birthday My!

This was supposed to be a countdown post but I got home late last night... so yeah.

Maligayang Bati to me! I can hear the Mad Hatter and his cohorts singing a very merry (un)birthday already. What a great way to start the new year in the life of... opening the social networking page and seeing all the greetings there. Maraming salamat! I'll be thanking y'all individually later in the afternoon.

Would you believe, even my credit card knows about the birthday. Citibank, iba ka. *bow* Salamat. Now, if you'll only stop charging such high interests...

But seriously now, this is the birthday post and it's supposed to be smart, introspective and future-driven. Pressure's ON, baby! Hahaha! But yeah, so the birthday has come and the last year of the 20s has begun. Twenty-frikkin'-nine! Aray, my rayuma. I feel so old! Egads, what more next year when Chapter 30 in the life of begins. *tears*

But you know what, 29 doesn't feel all that much different from 19. Nineteen felt a whole lot different from 9, let me tell you that. But the ten years between 19 and 29... very little has changed. Let's see: I still can't do my own make-up or fix my own hair. I still dress myself in the most outdated fashion and I could not care less. I'm still fat, don't watch what I eat (at all) and besides running, do nil exercise. I'm still the good little girl (YES I AM!) to my parents. Still batang-kaladkarin to my friends. Still the friend to showcase to parental units because I leave only the bestest of impressions. Still pasaway. Still a nerd. Still desperate to sing my heart out. Still never dancing in public (that one time for acting class recital does NOT count!).

I haven't changed much the past 10 years, and frankly I don't think I ever felt the need to in the first place. I'm happy with where I am and who I've become. True, there still is much to be improved, no one's perfect and I'll be the first to admit I'm far from it. But the tweaks and improvements will come over time.

Maybe changes did happen between 19 and 29; likely they were just too small and far between for me to realize them. I'm sure 29 to 39 will have those teeny-tiny changes too. Small, hardly noticeable, that when I get to 39 I'll be saying not much has changed either.

So, cheers, boys & girls of! Thank you for sharing a few moments of my birthday with me. May yours be as peacefully uneventful as mine. :)


  1. Still the friend to showcase to parental units because I leave only the bestest of impressions. --- Uhhh, owkey!

  2. milk na milk lang :> happy botdei, luv! >:D<

  3. Happy birthday Tippie! I envy your not feeling the need to change! LOL! It's people like me who go neurotic and read all these self help books that drive themselves crazy haha! =P

    Which is also why I think I feel the exact the opposite. My 25 years old self seems like a lifetime a way! I should learn from you and jut be still for a while... a year at least? Okay let's be realistic...Or a month! Haha!


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