Monday, February 7, 2011


I've blogged about the advanced stage of readiness to buy before but here's a brilliantly concrete example for everyone's benefit.

Chaw and I were running in UP Oval last Saturday morning, and of course a gazillion other runners were there also. (Along with a few bikers... one in particular was cute and greeted us with a proper good morning when he wove past us.) As any other weekend at the Oval goes, it has turned into the activity hub of the city.

So I supposed it really was only a matter of time before someone did this: selling sports-related stuff on the side of the road! Here is the picture of the dude's tiny "store" by UP's Abelardo Hall. On it were singlets and running shorts of different cuts and colors. He came with variety!

Now this for me defines availability in a venue where your target customers are in an advanced stage of readiness to buy. I hope motorcycle vendor will be there again on Saturday. One of those running shorts caught my eye. :)


  1. LOl! Hmmmm so his target market is anyone who accidentally tore their shorts or what? =P Or got muddied after running around in the grass? Haha!

  2. His market are the crazy runners like me who seem to think you can never have enough running gear. People were buying, ah! May seem odd but he's likely making a killing.


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