Monday, March 28, 2011

From 3 to 21 in 525,600 minutes

This came in the mail today.
Happy day! I am runner number 0057 in the Natgeo Earth Day Run 2011. Twenty-one frikkin kilometers, baby! Woohoo! 2nd half mary will hopefully be better than the first.

Last year, I ran the Natgeo Earth Day Run's 3k event. Besides it being my first race EVER, it was also the very first day I started running! My original plan was to just run the PGH Race's 5k the weekend after it, which I signed up for because a friend organized it, but according to my running experts (read as Raj and Rowena) I should check out how I hold up on a 3k route first.

So I signed for Natgeo 2010. I loved the backbone of last year's race: movement and awareness for climate change, and pushing for preparedness should another Ondoy happen. I thought it was a great cause and I must admit, it was an excellent start to my love affair with a sport.

Now, a year later, I move up the ladder. I will run this year's Natgeo because I am in love with the idea that I can push myself to perform! From last year's 3k to this year's half mary! Yiiii! Although technically, I was supposed to be full-fledged marathoner by March; my lack of discipline put that on hold... for now, but I've got a good, steady pace going and my right brain thinks I need a few more 21's under my belt before I gun for 42.

But I am seriously HAPPY! Looking forward to Race Day on April 10. Happiness is a Natgeo race kit delivered to your door by Air 21. :)

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