Friday, March 25, 2011

Getting older but none the wiser.

"Don't fret! We unbelievably perfect women will find our unbelievably perfect men someday. We're still young, and no where near our thirties pa naman so we have plenty of time to play around." said the wise twenty-two year old fresh grad.


Genius line came from genius me. Comforting a friend from heartbreak, that was my witty comeback. Back in the days of 22, the big three-oh just seemed like a forever away. Now, in a simple hop, skip and *tambling*, I'll be thirty!

Of course it doesn't mean there won't be time to "play" anymore, just that "playing" is the idiotic thing to do at this point. Or is it? In all honesty, I CANNOT tell anymore. I'm twenty f-ing nine but still none the wiser than that stupid fresh grad who thinks her witty lines are made by a beautiful mind.

Then again, what does wiser mean anyway?

Obviously frustrated about that thing that is taboo.

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