Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Love This

Did you get it? Did you? Did you? :))

Join the hunt, Ethan Hunt! I love love LOVE this! It was like finding a tiny piece of witty treasure in the full page ad of the "Wild Guyito Hunt" in the Inquirer today. It's these trivial, insanely useless but incredibly brilliant tactics that pull me out of my misery.

Just when I go on thinking that everyone's gone back to the mundane, and same-old "look for li'l-ole-me" raffle mechanics, funny bones behind the makers of THIS ad pull an Ethan Hunt out of the blue. It's hilarious! And it sticks! So sticky, crazies like me write about it.

And that's already winning half the battle, Joe. Buzz is important, especially for something done year in and year out as the Guyito Hunt. You don't have to shake up the entire program to create the buzz you need. Sometimes, its better to stick with the simple and just add a few drops of funny into the mix. I've never joined the Guyito Hunt before but this little trick makes me want to. It's like that McDonald's Twister Fries ad, which I *heart* just as much.

Brain behind "Join the hunt, Ethan Hunt!", you are genius. :)

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  1. Duhh... didn't get it at first. Too deep for me hahaha :)


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