Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sick Is Overrated

It's true! People sometimes wish they could get sick to get timeout from work. HA! With the world wide web, there's no escaping work anymore. Being on your deathbed ain't even a proper excuse to not finish something.

Whoever created the internet, I hate you.

No, I take that back. Without you, this silly little rant would never have gotten out of my head.

But seriously, getting sick is NOT a good thing, people. You try getting up every morning with a friggin' ache in your back that makes you feel like you ran a marathon the day before. Or try not being able to breathe all of a sudden in the middle of the night. You're like, "What the...!?" and in a coughing fit meant for an old lady of a hundred and three. Or try nursing a mind blowing headache every thirty minutes. It makes you wonder, why the hell did this "bug" decide to land on me?

But it did. Gah. I hate being sick. It makes you weak, feel broken, and in this case phlegmy and gross. The things I've coughed up, you won't believe. I was even scared that this could be dengue. Mosquitos just love me; its why I worship the earth makers-of-Baygon walk on, but I could not, for the life of me, recall the last time I was bitten by a mosquito. So we rule that out.

Whatever this "bug" is, it's almost gone anyway. Feeling much better today. First day it didn't hurt to go downstairs and have breakfast, and first day I was able to play with mah babies without feeling tired 5 seconds later. Heck, first day I got the urge to write again! So, today is a good day.

Kids, let me tell you, don't take your health for granted. Take 'em vits, eat 'em fruits and veggies, and drink plenty of H2O. There's a virus that's gonna make you feel like hell and back again going around, and you best be prepared for it.

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