Thursday, March 17, 2011

Paper Trailmix

I've admitted it before. I have this horrible habit of reading too many things at once. Although this time around, reading two books at once is truly minimal for me, its the odd mix of genres that got me to write this entry.
Chris Guillebeau is my hero. In the grey days of a dreary employment past, Chris' once-in-a-while snippets of genius were my source of inspiration. He brought back the thoughts of linchpin, making a difference, and being unconventional to me. Of course, Seth G. ingrained that mindset in me already, in terms of work (read as brand mgt and marketing). Chris G. helped make it more personal, more about me. Thoughts of non-conformity brought on my obsession with boardgames, my bucket list and Y@H. And the "publication" of this li'l blog o' mine! :)

I've been dying to read his book The Art Of Non-Conformity since its release back in 2010, but the fates conspired against me: Getting a copy is IMPOSSIBLE in my poor, lowly third world country. Good thing my rich boss bought one to add to our office library when he went to the States over Christmas. The book you see above is property of my workplace... Am now trying to cook up ways to steal it away for myself. (Muwahahahahaha...)

Then we go to Beauty's Release, the 3rd novelette in Anne Rice's Erotica series. So, yes I've read the first two and, although I cringe at the extreme sexual descriptions found in every page-turn, I love the message I'm getting from the books. Anne Rice is one of my all time favorite authors. I have a very broad collection of her works, and I've been reading her since elementary. Although I'm glad I didn't read the story of Beauty 'til now. High School's raging hormones could've done horrid things to me back then, so its a blessing in disguise that I never got hold of a copy until recently.

Yes, the books are drowning with every single position, disposition, partnership and abuse imaginable, but despite all that, when you look beyond the sex, you learn something. Marrying pleasure and pain is basic. Humility in the face of humiliation is a level deeper. Servitude to govern justly, the servant leader, and graceful service wakes up an even deeper part of the brain. Yeah, yeah, you don't have to read erotica books to get these insightful tidbits, but I gotta admit, naked princes and princesses certainly make the jagged little pill go down faster.

I count me lucky to be given the opportunity to read, published masterpieces such as these two nonetheless. And I count me blessed that I find a happy place whenever I get the chance to. I'll be taking my time with these two books, relishing each moment with them. Hopefully, I come out a millimeter improved when I'm done. :)


  1. You're actually in my calendar next month... making sure you return what belongs to our library BWAHAHAHAHAHA :)

  2. Hey T, have you tried ordering from Fully Booked/Powerbooks? I usually order books I can't find through them. Also my friend found this awesome service in the US called PO box. She loves ordering massive numbers of books. Basically she avails of this service wherein she gets a PO box in the US. She uses the PO box to order from Amazon then the service sends her box of books to the Philippines =)

  3. Thanks for the reco, Aya! :) Will look into the PO Box service.

    Dencio, AONC is MINE!!!! Mine, I tell you!


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