Thursday, May 6, 2010

Funny thing about shit, only good things grow out of it

I can't remember when exactly I first saw Joe's Apartment, but I think it was way back in High School. I was an MTV freak due to the idiotic boy-band phase of my life, and somehow I stumbled on this freakish MTV production of a boy who just moved to New York, in an apartment chockful of talking cockroaches.

I loved the movie! I know I was watching it with my siblings and we were laughing like cu-ray-zi!! Loved it so much to the point the opening song "Welcome to Joe's Apartment, we hope you like the show..." was a welcome LSS (last song syndrome).

Fast forward to the present: it was a declared Holiday a few days back and I had the very rare opportunity to stay at home and tune in to HBO. Guess what openning credits greeted my still sleepy ears! I couldn't help but smile and enjoy the thought that I'd be watching a beloved classic (at least in my book) while expending no brain energy at all. If you haven't seen this movie and you just want to have a real dumb, slightly gross but ultimately funny afternoon, I suggest you torrent this up and download away.

So, there I was half asleep, half barely watching Jerry O'Connell as Joe make a fool of himself, when lead cockroach Ralph says a magical line:

"Funny thing about shit, only good things grow out of it."

Shit = Fertilizer. It's the best all-organic fertilizer in the world! Smells horrible, true, but the benefits it gives to your garden is immeasurable. I guess if you're trying to look at this from a philosophical angle, you can say its similar to when you're down, there's no other way to go but up. It's actually the best line an optimist can give to a pessimist who's down, down, down and out. Won't totally make the pessimist feel bad because its only true, and not necessarily offensive because the saying is derived from shit.

Such a simple, frank and honest line, but really holds the gist of the movie, and of life in general. Haha! Who'd have thought such amazing life insights could come from a simple talking cockroach? When I was watching the movie back in High School, that line never stood out to me. I guess it only goes to show how we grow and evolve thru the years.

So, dear reader, I suggest you look back on your inane teenage life, try to tick in your brain what movies you'd like to backtrack. You never know, you just might pick up on something as insightful and amazing as shit.

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