Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brain Workout

(Again, reposted from... don't ask. *sigh*)

Visual puzzles enhance the mind's critical, logical and creative thinking skills. They are fascinating tools that foster activity in brain areas that are minimally used throughout the day. Personally, I find these conundrums to be relaxing yet invigorating. When I'm bored with what I do and need a little time in the workday to escape, I look up a few visual puzzles and riddle away to my little heart's content.

But for my first post in Y@H, I wanted to try something different. Here are my first attempts at creating my own visual puzzles. Granted they're not all original, but I still had fun making them and hopefully you'll have fun solving them. 
Answers will be posted as a comment soon. :)


  1. double agent!
    jack in the box!
    fat chance!

    happy 4/20?! hahaha

    hello tippie! :D

  2. da who da you? jenny pea-shooter-giver syjueco?

    korak sa happy 4:20! Wahaha! Eh yung iba?


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