Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Me in a vintage dress

For the first time in the blogging history of Insights From The Movies, I write about what I'm wearing!

Quick side note, however: No, I'm no fashionista. I don't have an ounce of kikay-ity in me. I'm just a simple working girl who likes to dress pretty every now and then. That plus the fact that demin is too hot to wear in the heat of the Philippine summer.

So today, I don a simple one-piece printed knee-lengther with classic A-line cut skirt. It's a simple dress, really. Nothing abstract about it, not even the colors. What makes it special is from where I got it.

This was my mom's. She was on a purging spree earlier in the year and this dress was one of the treasures I decided to salvage from her "old clothes" box. Although I'm not entirely sure, this dress could be very much older than me but it doesn't look it. I love the fact that its old yet in excellent condition, not a nick out of place, and that its perfect wear for the summer season. I feel so comfortable in it, I'm actually Indian-sitting as I type out this entry. I also love the fact that this dress has history. My dad recognized it as Mama's dress; it was tucked away in the closet for a long time; then put in the discard box for me to find.

I have nothing against the new. Heck, I just bought me three new dresses over the weekend. But there's nothing like a classic. And note, this isn't my only fab find in the discard box so I've got a few more pieces to share with you.

Cheers to the free and the vintage!


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