Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Don't Panic, Brother!"

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Ye who-thought-of-the-Greenwich-JLC-barkada-campaign-and-ran-with-it are sheer genius. Though not brilliant enough to turn this dough-gal into a Greenwich customer (yet...), it was enough to make me not want to switch channels every time the TVC came on in the gaps of A.I.

I'm not exactly a fan of the most recent string of commercials either. Merging the barkada of Anne Curtis with JLC's was a good move, but to put an undertone of cutesy-patutsy loveteam on it when no such loveteam exists was, in my humble opinion, the wrong turn to make. What made the "Hindi tayo tao, hindi tayo hayop. Bagay tayo, bagay!" fit was the fact that JLC has been in a longtime loveteam with Bea Alonzo. Making up this absurdly fictional JLC-Anne Curtis loveteam just doesn't work... for me.

HOWEVER! One line in the Parachute-Para-Shoot commercial just gets me LMAO everytime. Can you guess which it is?
Ah, me... ever mababaw. I find that this tiny line still makes the ad pristine. Even though the "Parachute?" ... "Para shoot... sa puso mo." punchline of Bruno and Solenn was too corny for its own good, that single hilarious line of "DON'T PANIC, BROTHER!" more than made up for it. For me, lines like these are the hidden Mickeys of the ad world. They're the gems the brilliant boys and girls cook up and wittily insert into an ad for the treasure-hunting enjoyment of freaks such as myself.

Though they've strung the JLC barkada for so long already, I think it's still got a few more seasons of TVCs left in it. Wonder what kind of hidden Mickey they'll put in next? And that 7-cheese pizza is kind of intriguing...

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  1. Wow. They speak english in commercials now?!? LOL on "DON'T PANIC BROTHER!"


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