Wednesday, May 25, 2011

But if its not right, then just maybe...

I have but one vice. Shoes.

(No, my growing book collection does not count as a vice, excuse me. Its as essential as the air I breathe.)

But going back to shoes. I love them. They're the first things I notice on a person, and I'm never shy about my compliments-to-the-shoe-owner. Let me loose on mall grounds, and I'll be a-bounding to the shoe side in no time. I love heel-hunting for the perfect pair... for whatever reason. Or for no reason. Sometimes, the only reason I need is I feel bad.

Believe me, I've had my share of literal miss-fits because of my impulse-"buy" sessions (I write "buy" under quotes because the acquisition doesn't always involve money). And not that it's really anybody's fault; mine is but a simple addiction, and the shoe is but a simple beauty that must be had. Others would be tempted to point fingers, simply for the sake of starting the blame game. But really, when a shoe doesn't fit right, it just doesn't fit right. Doesn't mean the experience shared with said-shoe is degraded any less.

The oh-so-pretty pair of shoes that completes the outfit may cause some veins to shut down and deaden some toes for the evening but one learns to deal with it. After all, vanity always comes with a price. Soon as you're home, though and just dying to get comfortable, ye ole Islander will never let you down.

Pretty is good... for that short while; pretty can  be great... on paper; more often than not, pretty is just that... pretty.  As pretty as pretty is, it isn't exactly something I'd want forever stuck on my feet unless I was gunning to be an amputee by 35.

So when the shoe, fits wear it, baby. If it feels good, put it on. But if its not right, then just maybe you have to deal with the short stint you need it on, then take 'em off and store 'em away in the collection closet after. Not fitting doesn't lessen the beauty of the shoe. Nor does it demean the severity of the addiction. Simply it means its time to pack 'em up and move on.

Someday, pretty will meet comfy in a miraculous pair, they'll be on my feet and all will be well in the world. I think they're called Cole Haan. ;)

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