Monday, May 9, 2011

Rockstars For Parents

(Happy Mom's Day, Ma. Happy Birthday, Pa.)

I'm not writing this post just because it was Mother's Day yesterday and it'll be my dad's birthday in two days. I write this post now because, simply, my parents are rockstars. Read on and see if you'll agree.

Take Mama, for example. She's been wearing hard contact lenses for practically all her life. Hard lenses, men! Not like the flimsy things I put in my eyes sometimes. Hers are made from real glass shaped to fit in her eyes, and she wears them every frikkin' day. You know how she cleans one in "emergency cases," (like yesterday's puwing incident in the middle of the priest's homily) she pops it out, puts the lens in her mouth to clean with saliva, and sticks it back in her eye! San ka pa! Can your mom do that? I bet she can't!

The other day, as I was stuck in traffic on Edsa because of a build-up caused by a car with a flat, I couldn't help but remember this one time, while heading off to work in Makati, Papa and I ran into a bit of trouble called "The Flat Tire." I had an early meeting, and I knew the flat would make me late for it, so I texted ahead to our admin officer, giving her a quick run down of the situation. While I was texting away, Papa had pulled over, hopped out of the car and started changing the tire. Chino Roces corner Kalayaan Ave. was all a-buzz with the usual rush-hour traffic but my dad was like a superhero in action, swiftly working car magic like nothing else mattered. Would you believe, flat tire was gone and spare tire was in, in twelve minutes. As in, 12 minutes after pulling over, we were on the road again! I wasn't late for work, and even got to the office before the admin officer I texted did. Back on Edsa, I couldn't help but think that the two dudes standing idly by as three MMDA people changed their busted tire for them were probably gay.

Yes, these are little things that make me want to scream "I have the coolest parents in world!"

Ma, Pa, you rock. \m/

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