Friday, June 24, 2011

THE BET with Palawan Budz

On Lunes, I start my life anew with media. And I swore to myself that this time will be forever... or at least five (5) years.

To motivate me further, Palawan Budz made a bet with me. If I resign from TV5 before JUNE 27 2016, or be disconnected with TV5 prior to said date in any way, I am to book her a round-trip flight to any destination of her choice as consequence. She is allowed to invite the rest of the Korakcha crew, at their own expense, but I will NOT to be permitted to join them. Kamusta naman ang "gastos mo na, di ka pa kasama" consequence...

So, FIVE YEARS! Palawan Budz, just so you know, the 5-year plan is part of my bucket list... Yes! Keep 'em comin', carrot sticks! Haha!


1 comment:

  1. In writing, finally! O:)

    Kidding aside, Tips, you know I trust your resolve (your patience...not so much...eek okay...back to serious mode). In which case, 5 years means 5 years.

    I read a quote once that says, "The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places." Your journey with Kapatid will not always be fun and easy but keep the strong disposition. Take on the challenges and open more portals to deeper self discovery.

    And don't forget, your Korakchas are always here for you. Your Palawan Budz is always just one ring away. I wuv you Tapya! >:D<


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