Saturday, June 4, 2011


Sometimes I wish my blog could be more selfless.

Yeah, yeah... blogs were made to be online journals of the wanton heart that yearns to be heard. That much is easy to get, but there are those miracle web logs that cater solely to an outward movement of good, like Chris, Seth, Dan, Gretchen (hirit lang po: Close ka, teh?)... and my best friend, Chaw.

(No, luv, you didn't tell me about this new blog of yours. I discovered it all by my stalking self.)

Chaw has been my constant since freshman year at MCHS and she's always been the giver; of the steady shoulder to cry on, of the listening ear, of the sound advice. Foolish friends like me (or maybe just foolish me alone) have been the lucky recipients. She's found joy in the empowerment of others, and now that she's got a solid foothold on the training industry, imparting skills for personal betterment has become a big part of her life.

I guess it was only a matter of time that she spread her love online, serving up insights and inspiration to a possible audience of billions.

Chaw believes that every citizen of the Earth has the capacity to be extraordinary. True that only a tiny niche has the magic to affect the masses, and its mostly because only that bunch has the liquidity to do so. But passion hardly ever comes hand-in-hand with money, and I think that's what Chaw's blog stands for. Her writing comes from the passion to live the life less ordinary, and from the hope to inspire a drive in others.

Luv, you inspire me to live life to the fullest. It gives me great honor to call you my best friend. I look forward to reading more from your passionate plate.


So, when are we doing your life direction module? ;)

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  1. Reading this was the highlight of my day!
    Thanks, luv!

    Oh, and soon. When the time is juuuust right.;)


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