Sunday, June 26, 2011

Love 'em Shoes

If I were filthy rich, I'd have a shoe collection larger than Imelda's.

I love shoes. Since I quit that other vice my parents can never know I ever had in the first place, shoes are now my one and only addiction. Family have lost me in department stores because of them. I've gotten into fights over them. Thankfully I haven't lost anyone truly dear to them yet.

This pair you see on the left is by Lanvin. I stumbled over these patent pink pretties when Mau, my co-shoe-addict, shared the net-a-porter site on her YM status, declaring all out love / drool for a pair of Jimmy Choos.

The Choos were the classic black sleek heels ladies should never be without, but I was more attracted to the pink pumps in the picture. Today, I visit the site again and discover they're on sale. Thirty frikkin' off!

Days like these make me wish someone else was paying for my credit card bill... Dagnabit.


  1. I'll take you shoe-shopping in my neighborhood mall, luv! Lovely styles and excellent craftmanship ( it's in the shoe capital after all) without the hefty price tag! ;)

  2. You know that shoes I go for are those priced at P250 bucks a pair... Meh ganon ba sa Marikina or should I stay in the Divisoria area? Haha! Let's prep well for the shopping tour 'cause I want another solid round with your friendly neighborhood Ukay-ukay, too.

  3. I wish I could join online shopping sites, but I have such a weird body and feet shape that it's so hard to fit properly into anything. I never had the same size for different brands! I shall shop vicariously through you! I hope you do get those fab pink pumps!

  4. Sadly, no. :(

    But not to worry, I just got my fill of shoes last night. I've actually never tried buying apparel and footwear online, plus net-a-porter prices are still ceiling-high by my rate, even when on sale.


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