Thursday, June 23, 2011

Not In The Business Of Asking

This post was triggered by an entry of Chris Guillebeau a few days ago. The point of his entry was asking questions, seeking other people's opinions or approval only add more steps to the action process, ergo why not skip the asking-part all-together.

It got me thinking... when have I ever asked for anyone else's opinion?

I've never really been big at pleasing people (besides my parents) (and I didn't even do a damn-good job on that). Back in high school, I didn't really consult with anybody when I decided to take up International Studies for college. I just like the idea of working outside the country. After getting my degree, I didn't really ask other people what they thought about pursuing a career in something as arbitrary as marketing. I just thought its the field that gets to boss the most number of people around, and makes the most money. It was a very no-brainer deal.

Five, six, seven or so years down the line; more-jobs-than-most-in-their-lifetime later; I look back now and say I still haven't done much asking. If I probably asked for my boss' opinion back in ye'ole training days, I'd probably still be stuck in that dead-end job. If I cared about what people thought about my job-jumping, I probably would've resisted the idea of going back and being reunited with the media industry. If I worried about people thought about my being single-til-now situation, I probably wouldn't have been able to date as many people as I have now. Heck, if I let society stop me, I probably would've never dated a dude eleven years my senior.

*Dear Lord, please don't ever let my dad read this post.*

*Quick note though: I did learn a lot of things about self in that short stint. :) *

I may not be exactly proud of all the decisions I've made in the past few years, but I am proud to say they've all been mine. If I've failed, its by no mistake besides my own. All finger-pointing, if necessary, points to me. Then again, same goes when a "hurrah!" is hit head-on. I love to bask in the limelight of my own making.

Call it an innate sense of over-confidence, or a natural brand of arrogance, I don't care. All I know is I'm not in the business of seeking another's approval. It's just never been my issue, thank goodness, and I pray it never will.

If you are... then read Chris' thoughts on the idea. If mine weren't enough to turn you around, maybe his will.

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