Thursday, June 30, 2011

What makes the long hours worth it

Media is known for ungodly work hours, stress of epic proportions, and politicking that can top corrupt governance.

Despite all that, I choose this industry because of the perks...
 Meeting the young Felix Roco was a happy little perk I got to enjoy on my 2nd day on the "new" job. We're kicking off the 3rd Q of 2011 with a new show and he's part of the cast. Never mind that Oyo (who's now married and expecting his first child) is the lead of the show. Never mind that Bangis is the first HIGANTE-SERYE to hit Philippine Free TV. Never mind that Yul Servo was also in the same presscon. Never mind that I looked like a total fool while being introduce to the young man (...was too giddy for my own good...). Never mind that I've never even seen the boy act, for cryin' out loud... I still crush him.

Okay... enough of this foolishness. Back to work.

Quick note: Rowena called dibs on his twin. Yes, there are two of those (*points up*) roaming the world today. Drool.

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