Friday, June 3, 2011

I will never...*

  1. Read a romance fiction. Sorry Danielle, Judith and Nicholas, I ain’t your market.
  2. Discover anything for math and/or science. Why in the first place would you want to pay ME for anything related to math or science? Well... truthfully, Animal Science I can deal with. But math?!?! Ugh. I hate math. Calculator is king.
  3. Sing along to some made-up anthem for some lame-o club. Seriously. Made-up anthems make me cringe to the bone.
  4. Even worse, COMPOSE some made-up anthem for some lame-o club. I’d choose death.
  5. Sell something for a commission. I don’t do hard sell, sorry. I’m more of a take it or leave it kinda gal... Wait... I think I just figured out why I don’t have a boyfriend! Haha!
  6. Dance in public. I’m shy eh.
  7. Dance to hip hop in public because I have no plans of committing social suicide... ever.
  8. Play competitive volleyball. Or competitive badminton. Or competitive any-sport. But especially no to volleyball.
  9. End lists in the tenths. Just 'cause its funner to be uneven.
* Also known as the things-you'll-have-to-pay-me-DECENT**-to-do list.

** Decent by my standards. Rates***, however are negotiable. ;)

*** Let's talk about rates, bay-bie! Let's talk about you, and, me! Let's talk about... (I'm not dancing.)

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