Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bright Copper Kettles And Warm Woolen Mittens

It's time, kids, for Favorite Things part 2!

When I get hooked on something, I'm like an addict that needs to be holed up in rehab. Remember my board game phase? Looks like it's going to hit another level this July with the upcoming Hobbes & Landes anniversary sale. (Speaking of board games, I miss Cranium with my korakchas. When are we playing, luvs?)

But for today, I'd like to share with y'all two new foodie items I'm absolutely raving over.

New Favorite Thing #1: Caramel-Filled Kisses
You know I love my sweets. I've proclaimed that desserts are more important than entrees or the main course, but chocolate is one thing I can actually live without (I'm more of a cheesecake/flan kind of gal). But these are to DIE for! This recent discovery from Ayala Mall Cebu's Metro Gaisano Supermarket just blows my mind.

They're smooth as any Hershey's chocolate ought to be; gooey because of the sweet/salty caramel inside; and just plain perfect tiny bites of heaven! It's a miniscule Milkway, sans the nougat. I have yet to check Market! Market!'s Metro Gaisano branch if they too have this particular product of Hershey's Kisses... 'cause sadly I think the two bags I bought from Cebu won't survive the weekend.

New Favorite Thing #2: Dots Sour Slices Pink Pomelo
I'm hooked on this like an addict can be on coke, I kid you not! I went through an entire box while watching X-Men First Class, poppin' them away like pills by the minute.

Dots are gummy candies with bite. They're not soft like the standard Gummy Bear treat, ergo making them more chewy and gnaw-wy and yummy and... okay, stop. Anyway, I've long preferred Dots over Gummy Bears.

Dots Sour Slices, however, are hard gummy candies covered in (you know it) sour salts! Have you ever had a sour gummy worm? Take that sourness and multiply it by, say... threefold, and you've got sour Dots! It comes in three flavors: Watermelon, Peach and Pink Pomelo. Of course, crazy me gunned for the SKU in pink. Haha!

These sweet/sour must-haves are only available in Gourdo's Specialty Store. I have yet to hunt down who the distributor is, to personally shake his/her brilliant hand and maybe ask for a year's supply. That'd be 365 boxes, please. One for every day of the fiscal year.

There! These are but two of my new favorite things. Hope y'all give 'em a shot. :)


  1. *Drooool*

    May aabot pa kaya sa sunod na Chismax Friday?

  2. I think I've tried the caramel kisses already. From Ate Tami's SG loot. Save some for me, puhleash? Btw, Milky Way is among my favorites. ;)

  3. Parang chismax Friday is too far away to tell. Kelan ba meron? I can't on Friday again. Hectic ang skedyul ko.

    Will try my best to save some kisses for my lovely korakchas, but no promises.

    Milky Way is mi favorito, too! Here though, its packaged as the Mars bar. Why I know? I handled the brand once a upon a dream ago. ;)

  4. Omygosh I would love to try these treats!!!



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