Saturday, July 23, 2011

My letter to

I chanced upon an Orca documentary on the Animal Planet today.  It reminded me of the latest item on my bucket list: be part of and join the annual whale migration count in the Babuyan Islands. Below is my love letter to them... I hope they find it in their hearts to let me be a part of their great work.
Magandang umaga!

I'm Tippie and I'm a 29-year old non-scientist lass, who barely passed HS Bio back in the day. I graduated from college tucking a BA in European Studies under my belt. Please read this as I am not your ideal volunteer, but I hope you still hear me out because...

I love animals*. I'm one of those people who come home from a long day at work and turn on the TV immediately to the nerd channels (i.e. NatGeo, Discovery and Animal Planet). And though I know the tidbits I get from watching their programs are more than most people, I also know there's a deeper way of learning and of loving: through volunteerism and conservation.

True that our tiny 3rd world country has one too many humanitarian/political issues, but we are also so privileged to be living in the epicenter of Gaia's biodiversity, that efforts such as what you do can mean monumental changes and discoveries for the natural world around us.

I think you're amazing and it would be nothing short of an honor to be able to volunteer for your organization in whatever way I can. Being part of the annual balyena survey would be a dream come true, though. I'm just sayin'!

Anyway, you have my e-mail and I have yet to further explore your website. Thank you for your time and I hope my letter finds you well.

Happy whale counting!
Tippie Tan :)

*Okay... to be honest, those whose blood runs cold aren't on the lovelist, but I still respect them... in my own way.

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  1. Good luck, luv! ;)

    May the gods of animal-lovers answer your prayers!


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