Friday, July 29, 2011

Love sings when it transcends the bad things

Wise words from Brandon Boyd, god of rock hotness.
I'm not an Incubus fan... really I'm not. I just thought, why waste the opportunity to hear good music live for cheap? My sister's friend offered his lower box tickets to us at half price; the deal was simply too good to pass up.
So yesterday, July 28, 2011, I ushered m'self into the throngs of rush hour MRT in vain hope of getting to the Smart-Araneta Coliseum before the orcs do. Of course they got there before I did. Orcs are jobless halfwits who have rocks for brain matter. Thank God they were mostly in Gen Ad. I'm so going to hell for those last two sentences.

The normally cramped ways of Cubao was tripled by a rowdy crowd of young ones on the verge of bursting with noise anticipation. Not entirely the most ideal place to be for claustrophobes like me but I huffed and I puffed and just took it all in, 'cause just like the tour title said "If not now... When?"*

Incubus has been making waves in the international music industry since 1995. They've released anthems like Megalomaniac (the opening number), Drive, Promises Promises and Nice To Know You (their last song last night), and have earned a generation's love and respect for the kind of music they produce. My generation's love and respect. I only wish they slotted in Are You In instead of Talk Show On Mute in the concert playlist. Are You In has been haunting me for weeks and I really wanted to hear Brandon Boyd croon "oooh-wooo-oooh-oooh!" I guess seeing his lankyman abs blown up on big screen will have to do.

Okay so I am a fan. Just not the hardcore, lyric memorizing addict kind. Watching the concert at the big dome was well worth the effort, it reminded me of my 'Guijo hoppin' days, sans the overcrowdedness (I know that's not a real word. Deal with it!).

But you know what really made the worth every penny? The fact that I didn't even have to pay for my ticket. Yes, Incubus for free... it's a good thing.

*By the way that, my non-rocker friends, is also the title of Incubus' latest album. Download-worthy.

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  1. You were in Cubao yesterday? You shoulda told me. Doon daan ko pauwi. :-p

    Incubus will inevitably attract orcs galore. Pansin ko nga na sold out ang GA. Hehe.

    I'm not a hard core fan either but I do have one favorite Incubus song. "Echo" - lovely lyrics :)


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